We believe that glasses can really change the way you look and feel.
Unfortunately, when too many people have their fingers in the pie, the price of glasses can cost a small fortune. By cutting out the middleman and keeping it simple, we provide our customers with high quality products at a fair price.

  • Manufacturer

    Our glasses are manufactured in a factory.

  • Store

    Agents take a cut to bring it to the retailer.

  • Wholeseller

    Rent and operating costs bump up the cost.

  • Lab

    Retailers send your lenses to an optical lab.

  • You

    You end up paying for all these unnecessary stops in the food chain.

Behind this website, there are actual people who make sure you and your eyes are taken care of.
From our own optical experts that craft the lenses; to our dedicated customer service that ensures you are always covered; to our trend-conscious buyers who select the frames; to our shipping department that makes sure you get your glasses on time.

The Lab

Since opening our first lab in 2008, we have crafted millions of lenses. Ranging from single vision to complex ultra-thin lenses for high prescriptions, our dedicated team of optical experts, craftsmen and production workers continue to bang them out with utmost precision.

Our 7500 Sqft state-of-the-art lab is equipped with among the most modern optic equipment in the industry.

Customer Service

GlassesUSA is built first and foremost on the great service we provide our customers; understanding that with their trust comes great responsibility.

We mostly hire college graduates who have an outgoing personality, a commitment to service and of course, a passion for glasses. We are a bit biased and tend to hire people who actually wear glasses as well. Most importantly, the customer service crew sits with us, right here in-house and not in some other country.

Our average response time to a call is less than 10 seconds and email response time is less than 24 hours.

Shippers & Packers

As a company that is committed to lowering the cost of prescription eyewear, we understand the importance of operating as a one-stop shop.

That means we control all of our logistics and distribution channels, which lower our overheads. This means lower prices for you and better service. For all orders in the U.S, you can expect to get your glasses within a few days of placing your order, as well as benefit from free shipping.

The Style Council

Passionate about eyewear and fashion, our style council works hard at picking out the best frames and most popular brands. They have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening and make sure we have the latest trends and styles in stock.

More importantly, our style council are in charge of all the fun and frolic at GlassesUSA; as well as the playlist, Cake Monday's and Casual Friday's.

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